How Do We Work?

When Seek an Assessment?

Most frequently parents contact us with request for assessment or evaluation of their child based on concerns they have about their child. Concerns are often jointly raised by the child’s teacher or other professionals that know the child well and most frequently relate to:

It is important to keep in mind that although there is a degree of overlap in the experienced difficulties among neurodevelopmental conditions such as attention deficit, learning difficulties and autism, a thorough assessment will help establish cause for each condition and allow parents and teachers to parent and teach a child with a wide-range of appropriate methods and strategies. The benefits of gaining better understanding in why your child behaves and learns a certain way can’t be underestimated.  What’s more, an assessment can bring to light conditions that were not suspected but which nevertheless impact on the child’s ability to function and learn age-appropriately.

Please contact us at to discuss your particular needs.

Parents are encouraged to email us ( a bullet summary of experienced issues, together with child’s age and how long these challenges have been present in order to determine whether we can offer suitable services. Based on your initial input, we will ask you to complete our intake form and a number of measures, together with other relevant input. We usually ask for input from school but only with your permission. We kindly ask parents who are divorced or separated to inform the other parent about their intention to have their child assessed.

Based on provided input, detailed assessment that always includes cognitive and assessment of academic strengths and weaknesses. Depending on individual needs assessment includes SpLD assessment, including reading and phonological ability, processing speed and working memory or further assessment of attention, memory and focus. The assessments are fun and are generally enjoyed by the children. They usually last 2.5 hours and are carried out. Some assessments are much more labour-intensive and have to be split in two or more sessions. The actual length depends on the to-be assessed issues and on how each how the person copes on the day. On occasions, it is not possible to finish the assessment in one session and in this case, we offer second session in order not to jeopardise the scientific rigour of the process and the relationship with the assessee. Some assessments are considerably longer and require parental involvement.

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Once the results are analysed and processed together with provided multi-source feedback as well as observations of the child during the session, findings are summarised in a report, which takes approx. Two weeks to write. Once parents had a chance to digest the results and the presented findings and recommendations, they often request a post-assessment consultation to discuss next steps. Parents who are undecided about an assessment, parents who seek second-opinion or parents who want to gain more understanding about their child, can book an initial consultation (via zoom), which is usually 30 to 60 minutes and pro-rated accordingly.

Please email my PA Samantha for forms, process description availability and pricing list. Please note that we receive a high-volume of inquiries and referrals. Whilst we do our very best to accommodate all inquiries as soon as possible, this is not always feasible. We operate waiting- and last-minute lists and will happily place you on our lists.

We kindly ask that you arrive on time on the day of the assessment, allowing sufficient time for traffic and securing parking slots as our both our practices are in central London, with majority of work done out of our South Kensington practice. TfL buses and tube stations are within walking-distance of both locations. There are many cafes, restaurants and shops in vicinity that parents can explore while the assessment is taking place. You will be notified about the exact collection time once the assessment is underway. Please make sure that you are on time when collecting your child as we operate a busy schedule. You may wish to send your child in with a bottle of water and a small snack (and have treat ready post assessment) as we will take breaks during the session. Antibacterial wipes and writing materials are provided onsite, with temperature taken upon arrival. Assessments are carried out in the morning when children are capable of most sustained focus. Getting a good night sleep and a nutritious breakfast before the assessment is highly recommended.